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24K Bioaqua Gold Hyaluronic Face Serum 100ml

24K Bioaqua Gold Hyaluronic Face Serum 100ml

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Are you starting to notice that you're starting to get wrinkles?

Discover the power of 24K gold nanoparticles in our serum. It reduces wrinkles, increases luminosity and prevents skin aging. Recover!tu juventud ahora!

"It looks hydrated and radiant skin with hyaluronic acid and 24K gold"

Our Serum combines hyaluronic acid and 24K gold for a more luminous and hydrated skin. Reduces dry skin and wrinkles.

"You deserve to take care of yourself, fight aging with active gold ions"

Our serum with active gold ions improves the absorption of hyaluronic acid in the skin up to 10 times. Regenerates, rejuvenates and eliminates wrinkles. Don't wait any longer to look young!

Why should you have our serum?

✔ Reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

✔ Increases the luminosity of the skin.

✔ Moisturizes and nourishes deeply with hyaluronic acid.

✔ Fights pigmentation spots and aging.

✔ Eliminates acne marks and moisturizes the skin.

"Do you know how vitamin B3 and 24K gold can renew your skin?"

Vitamin B3 and 24K gold in our serum revitalize your skin, regulate hydration and reduce pigmentation spots. Transform your skin today!

Don't hesitate to tell your friends how you managed to have a younger and more radiant skin!

Experience the magic of 24K gold in our serum. Get results in a few days, reduce wrinkles and pigmentation spots. Transform your skin in a few days and show off your youth!

How to use our serum?

After cleansing, apply 3 to 5 drops to the face and neck for a healthy glow. For best results, use it twice a day, morning and night. For makeup: apply 3 to 5 drops before applying the foundation and/or concealer to obtain a natural, moist finish and greater luminosity.
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