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Back heel pads®

Back heel pads®

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Back heel pads are excellent protectors for your foot. They reduce the friction between the back of your shoe and the back of your heel.



These back heels will allow you to be stable throughout the day thanks to the sponge which will maintain your foot while aspiring the perspiration, thus avoiding you to slip in the shoe.

Add a shoe size

Two sizes of pads are available, the 6mm allow you to add a shoe size. No more oversized shoes !


Each pad has a premium quality adhesive sticker. It is designed to not damage your shoes even if you decide to remove it.



The heel pads are made of quality materials. Its sponge and cotton are soft, comfortable and light, so you can use them every day.



The cushion has been thought and designed to adapt perfectly to the shape of your foot. Your feet will be comfortable without any discomfort.



The cushion is perfectly hidden in your shoes. Its small size and its colors allow you to adapt it to any pair. It is suitable for high heels as well as open heels. Don't be afraid to wear heels anymore !

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